me in my natural habitat

I'm a full-stack performance engineer with a design background and an enduring love for the frontend. Ferocious about slashing load times; passionate about data-driven UX development; obsessed with data and visualizing it with accuracy, clarity, and elegance.

I've worked in engineering, design, and product, and I'm happiest at the center of that Venn diagram. Most recently I worked at AppNeta as a full-stack engineer on the TraceView team, building a tool to help developers visualize performance bottlenecks in their own web applications. Before that, I was at Rentabilities, a tiny, early-stage Boston startup, building features, growth hacking, and working on product and business strategy. Out of college, I cut my teeth at Upstatement, learning how to develop progressive, accessible, and modern designs for the web from some of the best editorial designers in the business. I've also worked in advertising (Hill Holliday) and consumer hardware (Bose).

When I’m not in front of a screen, I like inventing desserts, frankensteining electronics, thrifting, traveling, belting out 80s jams at karaoke, roller skating, and pretending I can play the ukulele.